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How I Created my Burlesque Name

Say my name, say my name, no one is around you say baby I love you… yep 90’s wild child at heart, can’t resist a bit of Destiny’s Child. Anyway, I digress.

Well I guess it’s time to reveal how I came up with my burlesque name. I hope you have all seen how my fellow Sapphire Whiskers came up with theirs? To introduce them again to you, I will link to their gossip fueled name origin blogs below.

Soooooo, I guess I’ll let you in on a secret. You won’t tell anyone will you? Promise? Well ok, here we go.

I probably was very hasty when I chose my burlesque name. Sure, I tried to remain faithful to the tried and tested method of your performance name being a ‘given name’ but I wish I had given it more thought

…however, it is now tattooed on my leg and heck my whole business is named after it hahaha.

Welcome to the stage Trixie Blue…

I didn’t particularly set out to have a ‘dogs’ name (sorry fellow Trixie’s) but I went there, which is weird when I am a mega cat person eh? However, Fluffy perhaps wouldn’t work for me.

Personally, I have never resonated with having a stage name. I believe in having alter egos and burlesque personas as it works for others, but for me, is just little ol’ me up there on that stage, living in the moment and just being my regular self (with considerably more slap on my face).

However, with all this aside, here is how I came up with Trixie Blue (little bit of a cool story bro, I must apologise).

The name Trixie originated from when I spoke to various companies on the telephone throughout my life. The person on the other end of the phone would often mishear me when I gave them my real name.

The Blue part to my name was because I am always a little blue myself. NOO not sad and sorrowful but I love blue humour, blue behaviour and blue banter. Tee hee heeeeee!!! The cheekiest type of Blue you can have .

So there you have it, Trixie Blue was born!!!

Even though I feel I was hasty with my choice, I am now very proud of my stage name as it encompasses the ethos of providing accessible and inclusive burlesque through House of Trixie Blue, encouraging others to embrace the beauty of burlesque and have lots of fun. Couldn’t be the Blue one without you lot so I am so thankful for your support and engagement, I cannot express my gratitude enough but I will continue to try.

Love & Shimmies

Trixie Blue