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3 Simple Steps of Seduction

Seduction – noun 1. an act or instance of seducing, especially sexually.

2.the condition of being seduced.

3. a means of seducing; enticement; temptation.


From our research, the art of seduction is truly unique. Sure, there are a few things that remain the same, such as a recipient to devour your seductive charms, however, there is no blueprint to what can or can’t be classed as seductive.

There is one part of your anatomy (ooh er) that across the board is hailed as one of the most seductive parts ever…

Your eyes!

Eyes are the windows to the soul – It’s true even the Daily Mail (a credible an academic text haha) proclaims this ‘fact’.

In fact, they are one key, in fact, a HUGE part in developing the realms of Seduction.

To try this out, here are our top 3 Simple Steps of Seduction:

A flutter of your eyelashes – An oldie but a goodie, a tried and tested method of seduction. Fluttering your eyelashes draws the attention to the beauty of the eye or if we are going deep the ‘windows to your soul’. It is a cute way to build up the initial seductive conversation between you and your recipient.

Little Tip: The longer the lashes, the more potent the seduction.

Come to bed eyes – WAKE UP! We don’t mean sleepy, tired eyes, we mean sultry, seductive and inviting eyes that create the opposite effect to fluttering your eyelashes. Start off with slow blinks, looking directly at your recipient.

Next, shake it up a bit by closing your eyes and opening them to look at different objects/parts of your anatomy, especially places that you want the recipient to look.

Two black eyes – No not fisticuffs, we mean black eyeliner. Sure, panda eyes are not seductive, not even to pandas (come on pandas make some more babies) but the more eyeliner, the more seductive.

Here’s why.

Outlining the eyes makes them pop, draw more attention to your ‘windows’ and if you are still building up confidence with seduction, it can build your confidence a little more by offering a small mask.

Don that eyeliner, pop on those false lashes and blink in random directions. Why don’t you try it out today? Perhaps not on your boss or the milkman (or perhaps…) and head on over to our Facebook page to tell us what happened.

If learning a little more about seduction is for you, then don’t delay to check out our brand new 60min workshop – An Introduction to Seduction.

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Seductively Yours,

Trixie B xxx