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Top 5 Wedding Favour Ideas

By Ruby Rox

Hen parties mean weddings and there is nothing better than a good wedding party and a special wedding favour.

This year as well as being involved with many hen parties I have had the pleasure of attending no less than 4 weddings and another invite for the end of December, I feel this definitely gives me the expertise to comment on my top wedding favours!

Fifth place– A great addition to any table at a wedding are after dinner games, they break the ice with any guests you don’t know and get everyone giggling- as long as it doesn’t get too competitive!

Fourth place– Props! Who doesn’t love making memories and capturing them forever (or until you are sober the next day). A photo booth at your table is a fun and silly way to interact with your plus one and the rest of the table.

Third place– There is a warm place in my heart for anything edible as a favour, both to take home and guzzle in bed after the party ends or to nibble on when you have had one too many to drink half way through the day.

Second place– This really is a lovely touch to your day as so much money often gets spent on a wedding day taking time out to donate to a charity close to you can really add an extra special touch to your table.

First place-Free booze! This can be personalised with a sticker or just a standard miniature will do just fine, get the party going with a bang!

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