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Ain’t no Party like a House of Trixie Blue Party!

Our very own Senior Hen Party Co-ordinator, Ruby Rox, spills the beans about what happens at our hen parties.  Its a corker!

A hen party should be a memorable experience for both the bride to be and all the hens…the last celebration as a singleton with all your friends…but the most important thing is FUN!

For me it is a privilege to have the opportunity to teach at a hen party and be part of such an important event for a bride to be. It has to be a relaxed atmosphere for everyone, giving all the hens a chance to join in and gain something from the event, keeping the energy high for 80’s dancing or a saucy when learning about the art of the Dominatrix plus every theme in between.

As a job it is always varied, I rarely meet the same group of ladies so every working day is different. There are so many choices of themes for a party that the content I deliver is fresh every time and adapts with each group of hens.

Creating the perfect hen experience is like popping the perfect bottle of Prosecco. Only the smoothly run party with the correct mix of fun, fizz, humour and atmosphere built up to pop at just the right time, captured in a fit of giggles by videos and photos. Carefully helped along by a gentle hand each participant bounces like bubbles within the party reaching their popping potential simultaneously with a dance performance, portraits unveil or crack of the whip!

One of the most memorable moments at a hen party took place in Mr Lynch in Newcastle, Jesmond. It was my second Burlesque party of the day and a very large party of 42 ladies! I adapted all dances and made it a very interactive party with the girls whooping and cheering as their friends performed. However, the highlight came towards the end of the party. I was ending with some tassel twirling and most ladies were joining in with tassels on their clothes when the lovely bride to be “Emerald Wishes” turned around to see my “authentic” twirling. She squealed with excitement in a fashion I have never heard before and proceeded to rip off her remaining clothes so she could also twirl au naturel! At the end of the party she claimed it was the most fun she had ever had outside the bedroom ;).”

Ruby  – Senior Hen Party Co-ordinator for House of Trixie Blue

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